Whether you are in search of online language arts programs for elementary students, middle school students, or high school students, having an experienced instructor can make all the difference. Maybe your child doesn’t necessarily need language arts online courses, but today’s students are trying to balance social development, extracurriculars, and other classes – the extra help rarely hurts.

Our ELA tutoring professionals can help your student improve or maintain test scores and grades so they can build a solid foundation for getting into their dream college or starting the profession they’ve always hoped for. UpReach Learning provides high quality online language arts courses and tutoring to students of all difficulties and abilities for groups like:

  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • SAT Prep
  • AP Courses

How Our English Language Arts Tutoring Works

We make finding an online reading tutor or online writing tutor easy by offering a veteran staff of dedicated educators. Our tutoring team boasts years of experience offering language arts help online and in person to learners from all walks of life. Educators at UpReach Learning are backed by the Harmony Education system.

The Harmony Education Foundation is education-focused with a mission “to establish proactive partnerships among educational institutions, philanthropic organizations, the private sector and the communities we serve to link resources with students’ educational needs.” UpReach Learning online reading tutoring programs are one small facet in which our dedicated team delivers on that mission.

We offer both language arts online courses and custom instruction through our subject matter instructors. In our rigorously developed online language arts courses, students follow a tailored program that has been developed by Cambridge Educational Services, a college readiness organization that has invested 30 years of ongoing development.

These programs start with individual diagnostic testing, customized lesson plans for whatever stage your student is at, and robust reporting so you never have to question where your learner stands.

When you’re in need of language arts tutoring online, our expert puts in the time to identify and implement the most up-to-date and relevant techniques that best resonate with each individual. Regardless of whether your child requires extra help to catch up with their school’s curriculum, or you are aiming to give your student a chance to study advanced material, our online ELA tutoring can meet your child’s needs.

Reactive Tutoring

  • Online ELA help for students falling behind
  • Online reading or writing homework assistance
  • Online help with writing strategies

Proactive Tutoring

  • Tutoring to introduce upcoming units
  • Online tutoring for accelerated concepts
  • Tutoring for language arts programs not offered by your school

Interested in tutoring for a particular subject?

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