High school can be an exciting yet stressful time for many students. As they work to balance extracurriculars, classes, and social callings, they must also begin to think about life after high school — often feeling the pressures of college on their shoulders. Online tutoring for high school students can help.

Our experienced high school tutors are here to help your student raise or maintain their grades and test scores so they can get into their dream college or enter the profession of their choice. UpReach Learning delivers unmatched tutoring and college counselling services to high school students of all levels and abilities in subjects such as:

  • Math
  • English
  • Science
  • AP Courses
  • SAT Prep
  • Other subjects upon demand

How Our Tutoring Services for High School Students Work

Our tutoring programs for high school students are operated by dedicated educators and counselors with years of experience helping students learn. UpReach Learning instructors are part of the Harmony Education system.

The Harmony Education Foundation’s mission is to establish proactive partnerships among educational institutions, philanthropic organizations, the private sector and the communities we serve to link resources with students’ educational needs. Offering quality online high school tutoring is just one way in which the UpReach Learning team helps pursue the Harmony Education mission.

In our predetermined tutoring programs, students follow a curriculum developed by Cambridge Educational Services, a test prep and college readiness program that has undergone continuous development for over 30 years. Cambridge Education Services offers some of the best tutoring for high school students, and we’re proud to work hand in hand with their detail-oriented education system.

Our tutors and counselors take time to understand the latest learning techniques and leverage the methods that best resonate with each individual learner. We can assist with both reactive and proactive high school tutoring depending on your needs.

Reactive Tutoring

  • Tutoring to catch up with school curriculum.
  • Online tutoring to help with homework.
  • Tips for educational time management.

Proactive Tutoring

  • Tutoring to prepare for future units.
  • Online tutoring for advanced concepts.
  • Tutoring for subjects not offered by your school.

Ready, Set,