Our Mission

UpReach believes that high-quality education and resources should be accessible to all students through the aid of dedicated educators and counselors.Our mission at UpReach Learning is summarized as follows: to educate our K-12 students in subjects like mathematics, science, physics, guitar, chess, SAT, and other academic and non-academic areas. Our qualified teachers provide these services either in person or online, tailored to the students’ abilities.

At UpReach Learning, we offer a dynamic and experienced team providing educational programs from Elementary through high school. Our curriculum includes software, science, mathematics, English, SAT, and ESL courses. Additionally, our center offers a variety of targeted educational and developmental activities such as chess and 3D arts classes. We are licensed by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and proudly operate as a non-profit organization.

UpReach Learning programs are built on the Public Schools experience.

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