These early years are one of the most formative times for a student, as they are introduced to many new learning experiences and subjects. It is crucial for them to develop a strong foundation of educational skills to help foster success throughout their time in school and beyond.

UpReach Learning understands the unique learning challenges and needs elementary school students face, and we make online tutoring engaging, and fun for all levels and abilities. Our licensed elementary school tutors are here to help your student gain a strong educational footing and foster confidence in:

  • Math
  • English
  • Science
  • Other subjects upon demand

Have peace of mind knowing that our instructors are well-experienced in tutoring elementary students.

How Our Tutoring Services for Elementary Students Work

UpReach Learning provides personalized, online tutoring for elementary school students. Our private tutors offer one-on-one learning help and guidance through extensive virtual lessons.  We offer online tutoring classes, enhanced workshops, supportive online resources, and comprehensive practice tests. In addition, we provide one-on-one college counseling services tailored to each student.

In order to determine your child’s level and abilities, they will need to complete a diagnostic test prior to beginning tutoring sessions. The practice exam results will help us establish a baseline and work to build a customized lesson plan. We have online private tutors for primary school students that teach basic and advanced courses. Additional proctored exams are available to compare results and measure your child’s progress after course completion.

UpReach Learning students will follow a curriculum developed by Cambridge Educational Services, a leader in college preparation and standardized testing. Our team of devoted educators are a part of the Harmony Education Foundation and have years of experience tutoring primary school students of all ages.

Current Online Elementary Tutoring Programs

In addition to tutoring services for elementary students, UpReach Learning also offers the following specialized online courses designed to further your child’s knowledge and skill set.

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