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No matter how much you study independently, it is always important to take a break. That’s why the experts at UpReach recommend reading comprehension tutoring sessions to help you get the most out of your SAT prep.

What You Should Know About SAT Reading Comprehension

The SAT reading section is designed to test skills necessary for college and career readiness. Test takers have 65 minutes to complete this section. It consists of five passages with a total of 52 questions.

The passages come from various sources, such as history textbooks, science journals, and classic literature. These texts can be fiction or nonfiction and cover a range of topics from art to science to economics. The questions will test your understanding of the passage, your ability to determine the meaning of words, and your grasp of how the content relates to other texts.

How Can I Improve My Reading Comprehension Score?

The reading section is arguably the most important part to study for. The evidence-based reading and writing sections account for 50% of your total score, so it’s crucial to know how you can best prepare.

To give yourself your best shot, you should work with a tutor in these four areas: vocabulary, comprehension skills, comprehension strategies, and speed skills. One-on-one tutoring will help you with these areas of improvement and may even help with additional sections!

There is no one size fits all solution to improving your SAT scores. The best way to guarantee success is to study hard and do practice tests in advance so that you know what kinds of questions you will be asked on the test day. If you struggle with studying independently, tutors are a great resource to supplement your efforts.

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What Will Reading Comprehension Tutoring Teach You?

Reading comprehension is a skill needed to fully understand a written text. It includes making inferences, understanding the author’s tone, and identifying the main idea of a passage.

If you want to improve your reading skills, a reading comprehension tutor can be an excellent tool. Tutoring programs for high schoolers assist with understanding and analyzing text by providing explanations and definitions of difficult words or concepts. They also teach students how to identify learning gaps and develop their vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills.

The best educators know how to make online learning more engaging for students. Here are a few reading comprehension tips from the SAT/PSAT prep tutors at UpReach Learning to give you a better idea of how a session might look.

Read actively: look for keywords in bold or italics, underlined text, headings, and subheadings.

Read with a purpose: read with an idea in mind about what you want to find out from the passage or what you want to do while reading it (for example: summarize).

Take notes on important points: note down any new vocabulary and points that stand out from the passage or you suspect hold significance.

If you’re wondering when to start studying for the SAT, the answer is now! Contact us today to learn about our k-12 online tutoring options.

Reading Comprehension Strategies to Boost your SAT Score

Reading comprehension strategies are the tools we use to help us understand what we read. These strategies can be categorized into three groups:

1. Visualization: This strategy involves using your imagination to create a mental picture of the event or scene described in the passage.

2. Questioning: This strategy involves asking questions about what you are reading and then answering them as you read.

3. Summarizing: This strategy involves condensing the information in a passage into a few sentences, including the most critical points and a brief overview of the main idea of what was written in that passage.

Find the Best Reading Comprehension Tutor Near You with UpReach Learning

Reading comprehension is one of the most important skills you can learn for college and life. At UpReach Learning, our online ELA tutoring sessions are designed to help students improve their literary skills. This includes teaching them how to identify and understand main ideas and supporting details, summarize information in a passage, and answer questions based on what they read.

The best thing about using online reading and writing tutoring is that it’s readily available, and sessions can be accessed from anywhere. You don’t need to go through the hassle of finding a tutor in person to score well on standardized tests. In addition to high school, we offer online tutoring programs for elementary students and middle schoolers.

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