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With the end of the school year quickly approaching and no sign of in-person events returning, it’s beginning to look like this summer will likely be filled with video games, Netflix, and other couch potato activities. 

However, the good news is that summer camps have gone VIRTUAL! Parents now have the opportunity to keep their children entertained from the comfort of their own homes. UpReach Learning offers affordable online summer camps that keep kids’ minds active and spirits up. 

What is Virtual Summer Camp?

In this digital age, children are spending more time looking at screens rather than being outside. This has led to the rise of online summer camps, where children partake in activities via technology. Virtual summer camp is a fun, interactive way to keep kids entertained, engaged, and learning during the summer. With the right interactive platform, children can explore virtual environments and learn valuable lessons in a variety of subjects.

Top 7 Benefits of Summer Camp for Students

Who knew you could gain so much from a virtual summer program? Keep reading to discover the top seven ways your child can benefit from attending an online learning program!

1. Inspires Judgement-free Creativity

At camp, kids don’t have to worry about getting a failing grade—there’s only the chance to try new things! When failure isn’t an option, kids’ creativity can’t be stifled. They won’t feel restricted in their activities, because, unlike in school, their top priority won’t be scoring well on a test or completing assignments to make a good grade. Creative writing, video game-making, and digital story-telling are all ways to express your creativity. UpReach Learning summer camps teach students new skills and inspire them to flourish, free of judgment. 

2. Opportunity to Develop New Skills

Summer camp allows kids and teens to take a deeper dive into new academic summer camp activities and subjects that schools may not offer. Give your child the chance to be fully immersed in a specific subject of their choice. As previously stated, kids are often more likely to get out of their comfort zone and let loose when they are no longer worried about a strict school curriculum or the looming fear of failure. UpReach Learning Summer Camp offers unique subjects such as creative writing, podcasting, digital art, video game design, and more!

3. Keeps Kids Intellectually Engaged

Many parents struggle with the fear of summer learning loss—those three long months when your child gets zero mental stimulation, resulting in the significant loss of academic skills and knowledge. 

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However, camp keeps kids’ brains working! Don’t let your child waste all hours of the day playing video games—instead, enroll them in a camp that teaches them to create their own! Believe it or not, online summer camp isn’t just math and reading. Give your child the opportunity to choose from a variety of fun subjects and skills, such as video game coding, website creation, chess, debate, digital art, playwriting, movie-making, and more! UpReach Learning crafts summer learning programs that perfectly blend learning and fun, allowing students to enjoy their time while still stimulating their brains. 

4. Friendship-building and Networking

It makes sense that when kids interact with like-minded peers, they can quickly build connections and friendships rooted in similar interests. Online summer camp gives students the chance to form relationships in a virtual format. Essentially, your child is in the beginning stages of networking, preparing them for their professional futures. Allow your kid to find their people by enrolling them in a two-week-long session of the activity they love. 

5. Provides Structured Schedule

An online summer camp is an excellent option for kids who get bored easily, need constant stimulation, and thrive in social environments. Following a set schedule for the summer weeks ahead will undoubtedly provide your child with a familiar structure and a much-needed sense of normalcy. In addition, this set schedule offers parents a much-needed break! Allowing someone else to take over and guide the day’s activities can give you the few hours of free time that you deserve.  

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6. Builds Self-Esteem

Whether it’s comic book writing or math problem solving, virtual summer camp activities all come with unique milestones and tests to accomplish. Some of these subjects will be brand new to students, while others might be extensions of what they already know. Either way, achieving new tasks will increase their self-confidence and willingness to learn. They’ll leave camp with internal support and a newfound determination to try new things, build new relationships, and grow their independence. These lifelong skills all contribute to a child’s development as they make strides to become a strong, successful, functioning adult. 

7. Make Lasting Summer Memories

Last but not least, summer camp allows your child to make lasting memories! Our virtual camps for kids enable children to gain new skills and safely practice what they love from home. Join us this summer for a memorable educational adventure!

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