back-to-school tutoring benefits

Get a head start on the new school year and call in a tutor! Back-to-school tutoring helps students establish homework routines, create new study habits, prevent summer learning loss, and more! Keep reading to see how your child can benefit from back-to-school learning.

What Kinds of Back-to-School Tutoring are Offered in the Summer?

Make this school year more manageable for you and your child, and recruit the help of a professional tutor! Starting tutoring sessions during the summer or beginning of the school year will be incredibly beneficial in the fall when learning becomes more intense. Here are a few of the most popular types of tutoring for back-to-school:

English & Language Arts (ELA)

Whether your student is in elementary, middle, or high school, English & Language Arts can be a complex subject for all ages. Online ELA tutoring are specifically trained to teach kids valuable skills that will boost their performance in reading comprehension, grammar, timed writing, and more. If a student struggles with the following subjects – reading, writing, speaking, and listening – an ELA tutor can help them overcome their challenges and reach their full potential.


Math tutoring programs can benefit elementary, middle school, and high school students alike! It’s a great way to give your child the extra edge. It can help them improve their grades and teach essential skills that will help them in the future. Whether your child is struggling with multiplication tables or AP Trigonometry, math tutors use the most relevant learning techniques that best resonate with each learner.

SAT/PSAT Prep Courses

Summer is arguably the best time to study for the SAT (or PSAT). High schoolers have a lot going on during the school year and often struggle to fit study sessions into their busy schedules. Therefore, students should take advantage of the summer months by devoting time to SAT Prep. Tutors help students make the most of their study sessions, teaching them everything they need to prepare for the test. 

How Does Back-to-School Tutoring Help Your Child?

Back-to-school learning is a great way to help students with their studies. It gives them the support and guidance they need to succeed in their classes. Tutors can also help students understand and master complex concepts and develop critical thinking skills. Here are seven ways back-to-school tutoring can benefit students this coming fall:

1. Prevents Students from Falling Behind During Summer

Use it or lose it! Even the best students with the highest grades can suffer from summer learning loss if they fail to practice their skills over the school break. The summer learning gap is responsible for losing valuable knowledge and skills. Fortunately, back-to-school tutoring is the key to closing this gap! Consistent tutoring allows students to catch up on previously learned skills – even if it’s just an hour a week.

2. Builds a Structured Routine

Back-to-school tutoring can help kids of all ages establish healthy routines. From completing homework assignments to waking up early, all types of students can benefit from adding a little structure to their lives. Following the proper routine can lead to higher grades, less stress, and more satisfaction.

3. Maintains Academic Skills & Knowledge

Students must continue to use their academic skills over the summer months. Neglecting to practice these fundamental skills can potentially lead to struggles during the school year. Back-to-school tutoring allows students to brush up on essential learning habits such as reading, writing, critical thinking, note-taking, studying, and more. Refining these basic skills is key to a successful school year!

4. Creates Effective Study Habits

Believe it or not, studying is much more than just reading a textbook. Every student has their individual learning style—visual, aural, and physical learners, to name a few. Tutors can help determine a child’s learning style and help them form the best study habits according to that style. Not only will establishing successful study habits improve grades and test scores, but it will also continue to help the student throughout their academic career.

5. Boosts Overall Performance

For most students, tutoring aims to build their knowledge and skillset to improve academic performance. Regardless of the subject, a qualified tutor will address your child’s problem areas, giving them the time and attention they need to improve. Back-to-school learning allows students to reach their full potential—and their grades will undoubtedly reflect this!

6. Teaches New Testing Strategies

Not only do tutors focus on specific subjects and problem areas with your child, but they also teach practical new skills. Back-to-school tutoring allows students to learn and practice effective test-taking strategies, focusing on time management, critical thinking, and additional techniques. Get ahead of the curve and prepare your child for a school year full of tests, quizzes, and exams!

7. Prepares Your Child for the New School Year

Summer is a time for fun but can also be a time of stress and anxiety. Tutoring during the summer can help keep them on track academically and set up success for returning to school. Students who continue to learn year-round tend to have an easier time transitioning back to their school routine. In addition, summer learning prepares kids’ minds for the school year to come, as well as reduces back-to-school anxiety!

Start Prepping for the New School Year with UpReach Learning

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